Maya Jable
Painter - Surrealism

Maya Jable
Maya Jable
Maya Jable

As someone who began creating artwork seriously during a time of both great personal change and during a time of vast changes in the world around me, my artwork serves as a reflection on both changes and specific emotional responses. Especially as I am starting a new chapter of life by attending Carleton College in the fall of 2021, each painting presents a snapshot of the complicated emotions that result from a changing reality and a changing self.

My most recent body of work, created for an Advanced Placement 2D Art and Design class, centers around the concept of authenticity. Each piece captures an emotion along the journey from inauthenticity to an authentic self.

Regardless of the project or body of work, the majority of my work focuses on intimate, cropped-close portraiture in order to make each work both individual and leave its emotional response ambiguous to the viewer.

Felicia Sherrod
Curator - Mixed Media Painter - Educator 

Felicia is a curator and visual artist whose disciplines include abstract and pop art painting, art restoration and appraisal, digital illustration, video editing, & photography. Felicia’s style is a mashup of abstract, motif, symbolic and textured designs that are most recognized as precise, vibrant, captivating and mesmerizing.

“I use gold, silver, and bronze and other metallic elements because they make me think of royalty. No matter what party of the world you come from, we know what precious metals and stones mean and make people feel. It's like I add a touch of royalty to each room that my work is installed in.”

Her style includes an eclectic mashup of earthy elements, patterns and shapes that she gets from her love of culture and anthropology. “I paint using African, South American, Caribbean, Native American, Asian, European, Aztec and Mestizo cultural influences. "As I travel, I learn and apply new art elements and techniques to my digital designs and paintings"


Felicia is the Founder and Art Director of Art the F. Sherrod Gallery & Studio, LLC She holds an Advertising degree from the Art Institutes International Minnesota (2012) and has an extensive and successful professional background in Digital Media Design and Advertising.

Felicia also has a passion for Education & Youth Programs Development serving children and youth in various non-profit and education settings for over 11 years. Felicia works for Evolve Family Services as the Associate Education Programs Manager providing education and training to foster, adoptive and kinship care