This piece was an bit of an experiment where I wanted to combine two mediums that usually do not go together into one piece and a different design element that I do not usually use. I first used a watercolor ground to be able to apply watercolor paints to the canvas. I then applied acrylic paints to create the focus. The pattern behind the protrait was inspired by the Art Deco movement- repeating pattern with gold accents. The shape of the pattern reminded me of seashells, so I decided to paint a protrait of a women. I went fully into a underwater theme with seaweed and a shell framing her. I like working my themes in subtly. I didn't want to outright paint a classic mermaid, but work those details in each part of the piece. Between the background, the frame, her purple hair, and even using watercolor in the piece, I hopw the viewer get a sense of that this protrait is of someone otherwordly.


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