Emilie Henthorne

My name is Emilie Henthorne, I'm from Saint Paul, Minnesota. I sign my work under the artist name EMemento Mori. The name EMememento Mori is from the expression “memento mori” which is an artistic or symbolic reminder of the inevitability of death. I have been professionally creating since 2015.

I find inspiration in many places and have traveled to like the depths of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, the bluffs of Winona, the shores of Lake Superior in Duluth, and even my childhood town of Maple Plain’s farm fields and swamps, which has influenced my creative style and process.

I create art to explore femininity and old-aged spirituality, study nature, navigate mental health. Also, to gain a greater understanding of art history, specifically the Renaissance era which I enjoy studying. Additionally, I create art to reconnect with my family heritage, understand dream symbolisms and life stages. I also like to add in a little folklore from around the world. I create art to share what I find interesting and enjoyable.

I specialize in acrylic and watercolor and I focus on nature, women (who I like to call goddesses), and folklore. I also enjoy working with printmaking, embroidery, mix media and folk art including Matryoshka Dolls, or Russian Nesting Dolls.

My art style is moody, expressive, folksy, celestial and whimsical. I use contrasting and vibrant colors with texture, small brush work to add detail and bold line work.

I am motivated by my grandfather, who was an High School art teacher and carved wooden Santas after he retired. Mother is a quilter and all-around creative individual and has always encouraged me in my art. I am energized by watching cartoons, reading graphic novels, watching old westerns and Twilight Zone. I am inspired by the art of Meagan Boyd, Joy Spika, Sarah M. Brokke, Rabbett Before Horses Strickland, Gian Lorenzo Bernini and many, many more...

My favorite artist is Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Bernini started the Baroque era of art and embodied it through sculpture and architecture. Bernini's architectural designs are striking in their innovative combination of architecture and sculpture, dubbed bel composto (beautiful whole), as well as in their exploitation of natural light and space.

I connect with the art community by being a Board Member and Treasurer of the Saint Paul Art Crawl, Member of the North East Minneapolis Art Association, Member of the North East Arts Commune, and participate in many of the Twin Cities art show, like The Saint Paul Art Crawl and Art-a-Whirl in Minneapolis. My work has been shown at The Show Gallery, The AZ Gallery, The Tweed Museum of Art, Co-Op Gallery in Duluth, and currently The Art Piece Soul Gallery & Studio at Community Commons.

When people see my work, I hope they experience the space of connection where two ideas can blend to create something new. I try to create this experience either with contrasting mediums or the subject. I also hope the viewer sees the influence of traditional art, which gives people a sense of familiarity and tradition.

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