Alex Hamlin is a native born Minnesotan. Born April 28, 1987 in St. Paul, Minnesota he grew up on the west end of Lake Minnetonka, until 2005 when he graduated High School & moved back to St. Paul, MN. In 2010 he graduated from St. Catherine’s University ( St. Kate’s) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication studies- exploring and becoming deeply passionate and connected to social justice activism- poetic arts-spirituality- painting- questioning meanings- culture- purpose- sexuality- connection- these questions would lead him to the Southwest where he was a public servant for the AZ State government, but after 3 short years would lose this position and every worldly possession, to wonder the southwestern desert landscapes for 7 years- experiencing homelessness, drug addiction, crime, sex trafficking, heartbreak, bondage, and pain. He came back home and found recovery in December 2019. 

Alex says, ‘Many days and nights I experienced darkness despite the suns relentless ability to grace me. I was in the midst of my darkest heaviest grief filled days and despite the fact I walked still with God- in the sun with a song & prayer on my heart & a dance that carried me.

Alex Hamlin

Many of my pieces so far are the prayer and experiences- I attempt to explore the processing and healing of my journey through the desert, through addiction, through all my ‘isms’ exploring my cultural and ancestral roots- as a multiracial, transgender American- i have many questions regarding who I am- I enjoy this question and the possibilities I have for exploration; sometimes as I’m painting it feels prophetic, other times quick relief- it’s always good medicine because every piece I love creating combining organic elements outside with a vision inside- the magic, the energy, the play between the seen and the unseen world. Ultimately the tools I have available to me today allow me to be empowered and praise the Great Spirit for bringing me through some very dark, scary, uncertain, and often painful times. I’ve only just begun processing, I’ve only just begun the telling of my story as an Abstract Expressionist. I am willing, grateful, and humbled to share my experience with another.’

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